Stick Mission Dressers | Amish Solid Wood Dressers



Stick Mission dressers are solid wood, Amish made, and built to order. Various woods and finish colours. Hardware choice. Available in king, queen, and condo sizes.

JRSM-051-1: 4 Drawer Dresser
511″w x 21″d x 36″h
JRSM-047-1: Beveled Mirror
26.75″w x 1.5″d x 39.5″h

JRSM-057: 9 Drawer Dresser
60″w x 21″d x 43.25″h
JRSM-030: Beveled Mirror
41.625″w x 1.5″d x 32″h

JRSM-058: 9 Drawer Mule Dresser
58″w x 20.5″d x 42″h

JRSM-059: 7 Drawer Dresser
60″w x 21″d x 33.75″

JRSM-061: 4 Drawer Vanity Dresser
46″w x 17″d x 30″h
JRSM-047-2: Beveled Mirror
26.75″w x 32.5″h

JRSM-067: 9 Drawer Dresser
67″w x 21″d x 33.75″h
JRSM-046: Beveled Mirror
45″w x 1.5″d x 37.5″h

JRSM-067-1: 9 Drawer Dresser
2 Jewelry Drawers
67″w x 21″d x 42.5″h

JRSM-069: 9 Drawer Dresser
65″w x 20.5″d x 42″h
JRSM-030: Beveled Mirror
38.5″w x 8″d x 37″h

JRSM-072: 7 Drawer Dresser
73″w x 21″d x 33.75″

JRSM-073: 9 Drawer Dresser
73″w x 21″d x 42.5″h
JRSM-031: Beveled Mirror
57.625″w x 1.5″d x 32″h

Dressers and Mirrors are priced separately. Please, drop in, call or e-mail for additional pricing and options.