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Our customers are people who expect a level of excellence that sets their kitchen apart from the ordinary. They expect craftsmanship. And that’s what we deliver.

Great kitchens put people in a great mood. Let’s make you an inviting kitchen where everyone will end up socializing!

Why Kvadro Kitchens?

One kitchen at a time – this is how we do it. To ensure you are treated to the highest standards of craftsmanship, we work with great local cabinet makers, all of them are highly skilled and with Mennonite background.

Say hello to Joe

Joe Dueck, Owner and Craftsman

Joe grew up in a small Mennonite community in Nova Scotia. The woodworking gene runs in his family. Joe has been working in the wood cabinetry and high-end furniture industry for over 15 years. It shows. Joe's amazing work ethic, attention to detail, and creativity are seen in every job he does. Feel free to discuss your new project with him. Homeowners, designers, and contractors have always been confident of Joe's imaginative approach, outstanding woodworking skills and great service.

Past Projects

Port Mouton, NS

Lunenberg, NS

Fall River, NS

Halifax, NS

Hubbards, NS

Sambro, NS

Stellarton, NS

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Why Amish?

Handcrafted furniture is made to last with a personal touch

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Heidi and I have been on the hunt for furniture for the kids' room for a couple years, both in person and on-line. Your shop has been the best - which is why we've bought from you. The quality of the furniture is such that we have confidence that we'll get stuff that will be well made and will last a life time. We're really not interested in poor quality stuff, and your flexibility in getting the chests customized so they would fit our space has been really great. Thanks.

Stefan L. Halifax, NS