Thank you so much for the beautiful glider! I have wanted one for years but never expected to get one as nice as this. Not only is it comfortable to rock my children in, it is also a lovely addition to our living room. ...
Leah C., Enfield, Nova Scotia  view more
Our beds are 100% solid wood, made from select hardwood species and fully customizable by our Amish craftsmen. All bed slats fit solidly into side rails and strengthened by posts for centre mattress support. These beds are built to last. Out solid wood Amish built beds can also matched well with KVADRO bedroom cabinets for full bedroom sets.

Choose your size, wood and colour. Most of KVADRO beds can be ordered with a low footboard.
075 Finland Bed / Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $1,812
076 Amish Solid Wood Kascade Bed
Starting at: $2,235
078 Amish Solid Wood Carlisle Bed
Starting at: $1,898
079 Heidi Bed / Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $2,836
080 Amish Solid Wood Empire Bed
Starting at: $3,060
082 Amish Solid Wood Lexington Bed
Starting at: $2,795
084 Amish Solid Wood Sequoyah Bed
Starting at: $2,632
086 Reno Bed / Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $2,795
088 Houston Ruff Sawn Bed / Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $3,479
089 Amish Solid Wood Squanto Bed
Starting at: $2,235
090 Amish Solid Wood Non-Wrap Bed
Starting at: $1,972
095 Amish Solid Wood Double Bow Bed
Starting at: $1,450