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Our beds are 100% solid wood, made from select hardwood species and fully customizable by our Amish craftsmen. All bed slats fit solidly into side rails and strengthened by posts for centre mattress support. These beds are built to last. Out solid wood Amish built beds can also matched well with KVADRO bedroom cabinets for full bedroom sets.

Choose your size, wood and colour. Most of KVADRO beds can be ordered with a low footboard.
020 Amish Solid Wood Classic Raised Panel Sleigh Bed
Starting at: $1,979
023 Amish Solid Wood Old Classic Sleigh Bed
Starting at: $2,024
023-024 Amish Solid Wood Old Classic Sleigh Bed
Starting at: $2,084
023M Old Classic Sleigh Mission Bed
Starting at: $2,024
026 Chippewa Sleigh Amish Solid Wood Bed
Starting at: $2,145
028 Amish Solid Wood Traditional Sleigh Bed
Starting at: $2,145
030 Amish Solid Wood Cannonball Post Bed
Starting at: $1,677
031 Brentwood Spindle Bed / Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $1,677
035 Amish Solid Wood Trimble Bed
Starting at: $1,749
038 Artesa Bed, Amish Solid Wood Beds
Starting at: $1,995
050 Amish Solid Wood Pencil Post Bed
Starting at: $1,895
051-3C Boulder Creek Bed, Condo Size
Starting at: $1,447