We think our new bedroom cabinets are great. They are spacious, solid and extremely well made which we really appreciate. This is furniture to last a lifetime and pass on to your kids.......
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Quality Standards / Furniture

At KVADRO Furniture store we gathered the experience of the selected Amish craftsmen, some of the best in the industry, to bring you furniture that is truly well built. With the time and the talent invested into each piece by our woodworkers, you will certainly feel the difference every day you use your furniture, years after years... after years.

Solid wood construction
All KVADRO furniture is built of solid hardwoods. NO particle boards, no melamine and no MDF.

Mortise and Tenon
Mortise and tenon joints provide structural strength and stability of your furniture for years to come.

Cabinet Backs
Cabinet backs are made of top grade hardwood plywood fastened by screws.

Solid Hardwood Drawers
The classic technique of dovetailing all four corners of the drawer ensures ultimate strength and longevity. Hardwood plywood bottoms are grooved into solid maple/oak drawer sides.

Conversion Varnish Finish
Our multi-step finish is one of the toughest finishes available in the industry today. Resistant to most liquids and doesn’t stain easily.

Corner Blocks
Table leg connections are reinforced by a v-grooved corner block assembly with a bolt attachment. This significantly adds to the stability and durability.

Sturdy Bed Construction
A high quality bolt system and wooden slat supports provide the strongest, most solid bed on the market.

Many of the methods used in KVADRO furniture construction are from years ago when they made things to last. Combining honed traditional methods and modern manufacturing techniques, your solid wood furniture from KVADRO is built to last.